Samphire works with local schools to raise awareness about migration and to support young people to have access to the facts and be successful global citizens.

We have developed a series of workshops for different key stages to engage children on migration issues, create space for children to ask questions about these issues and develop their understanding of the causes and consequences of migration.

Why is this an important issue for schools?

          • Migration is at the forefront of national debate but the quality of facts in discussions is extremely low.
          • Talking about migration can make a vital contribution to a schools work on supporting British Values by developing mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.
          • Addressing migration in school can be a crucial step in supporting school integration and anti-racism policies.

The facilitator was an excellent communicator who pitched the content perfectly to the pupils to ensure that the workshop was relevant to the pupils’ lives. Thank you for enriching the class.’

Teacher Feedback 2016

I feel happy and sad because I feel bad for Ali but I am happy because I have learnt things about life that I never knew before’.

Pupil Feedback (Year 5) 2016

‘I feel happy because I learnt something new. It also made me feel happy because now people can’t judge me’ . 

EAL Pupil Feedback (Year 5) 2016

100% of teachers who filled in feedback forms reported that their pupils had learnt something new about migration from the session. 

‘After discussions and debate surrounding the EU referendum this talk came at the right time. The misconceptions some of the children showed towards the whole idea of migration and immigration have hopefully been corrected and the children are beginning to see the whole idea with thought and compassion. Key vocabulary was well discussed and put to the children whilst they were fully participated.’ 

Teacher Feedback 2016

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