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Samphire releases new I’m Checking My Facts about Immigration animated video series.

Over the last few months staff and volunteers at Samphire have been working hard on an accessible series of animated videos to help people access the facts about migration. There are so many myths and stereotypes about immigration to the UK which Samphire is trying to help set straight by making a non-partisan video which deals directly with the facts about immigration to the UK.

To see why we think it is important that we help people understand the facts about migration check out Part 2 of our video: Confusion

The series of videos look at the questions of who migrates to the UK, via what routes, for what reasons and what impact their migration has on the UK. The video can be viewed as one 10 minute piece or in parts each of which deals with a different area of migration including: the numbers, EU Migrants, Non-EU Migrants, Asylum Seekers & Refugees and Immigration Detention.

All of the videos are available on our YouTube channel at: and on our publications page.

We can’t raise awareness alone so please share the videos as widely as possible!

Full Video: