Changing attitudes to, and improving the lives of, ex-detainees and migrant communities

Samphire is an independent charity, supporting and advocating for ex-detainees nationwide who face destitution and hardship after detention. People released from detention are not allowed to work in the UK or to access social support. From our years of experience of working with detainees in the Dover Immigration Removal Centre, we have a wealth of knowledge about peoples experiences in and after detention.

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Samphire is also engaged with communities in Dover and Kent to challenge widely held misconceptions about migration and to support communities to celebrate diversity and inclusiveness. Nationwide there is increasing evidence that public perceptions about immigration are often inaccurate and Samphire is working to provide the facts in Kent and beyond.

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By working with the local community in Dover, by empowering ex-detainees, and by sharing what we learn in our day-to-day casework, our aim is to challenge assumptions that you can be treated unfairly, depending on who you are or where you come from.  We lobby for policy change as part of networks which include The Detention Forum and Still Human Still Here.