Changing attitudes to, and improving the lives of, ex-detainees and migrant communities

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Samphire works with local communities in Dover and Kent to raise awareness about the facts of migration and to bring people together in events that both inform and celebrate diversity.  This work aims to counter a rising culture of disbelief and mistrust of migrants in the UK which has a harmful effect on integration and community cohesion.

This work includes:



Get Involved

We cannot do this work alone. We all need to work together to advocate for the facts and to support integration and cohesion in our communities.  If you want to help then:

  • Volunteer – if you live in Kent then get in touch with us to discuss volunteering opportunities, we need support running events, developing our online presence and supporting and working with local migrant groups.
  • Be an advocate & help spread the facts. Share our easy to access guides and publications, follow us on social media and share the content with your friends and have conversations about migration, making sure you have your facts straight!
  • Share your stories on our blog to help challenge stereotypes and myths.
  • Come along to our next event and invite your friends.
  • Organise a talk – if you are Kent based and want to learn more and discuss migration issues then invite a Samphire employee to talk at a local group, or just at a meeting you organise, so that we can fight myths and have helpful conversation about migration, the issues it raises and positive solutions for all!

For any questions or to get involved contact us!