Dover Welcomes All brings together the diverse communities of Dover to celebrate and embrace a welcoming culture for all. The project reaches out to the wider Dover community to involve them in conversations and activities that encourage social inclusion and cohesion.

Dover Welcomes All has been developed in partnership with the city of sanctuary who hold the vision that the UK will be a welcoming place of safety for all and proud to offer sanctuary to people fleeing violence and persecution.

Samphire is keen for members of the Dover community to take the lead and for ideas to come from local residents.

Dover Welcomes All event ideas:

  • Community Events- Dover Multi Cultural Festival
  • International Coffee mornings
  • Training – English lessons
  • School trips with migrants youths and local youths
  • Football tournaments with locals youths and migrant youths
  • Mentoring for integration within the community
  • Small local meetups

If you would like to get involved, check out our volunteer page 

To join the local Dover Welcomes All Mailing list contact to hear about all the wonderful welcoming things that are going on in the Dover area.