Changing attitudes to, and improving the lives of, ex-detainees and migrant communities
Samphire’s Brunch Welcomes New Faces

Samphire, a local Dover based charity, organised an open brunch event to engage with the local community and to raise awareness about the projects it is developing for the residents of Dover and ex-detainees nationwide.

On Tuesday the 1st of May over 20 attendees including volunteers, Dover and Deal town councillors and representatives from local organisations, including KRAN, SmART Project, Diocese of Canterbury and Kent Refugee Help attended Samphire’s office on in Dover to hear about the developments of the charity’s projects and to network for potential cooperation opportunities.

Samphire’s Patron, Rt. Rev. Trevor Wilmott, Bishop of Dover also attended and thanked the charity for its work. Referring to Schools of Sanctuary Kent project he said: “It is crucial that people in schools nowadays grow up with different characteristics than older generation when it comes to being welcoming and non-prejudicial. The Bishop of Dover also touched upon recent political events and pointed out that he recently has sent a letter to the newly appointed Home Secretary advising that he hopes the secretary will show some “tangible signs to improve the current immigration situation”.