Changing attitudes to, and improving the lives of, ex-detainees and migrant communities

Schools of Sanctuary Kent

Schools of Sanctury

Samphire’s Kent Schools of Sanctuary Project seeks to raise awareness amongst schools pupils on issues surrounding migration, asylum and refuge. We deliver educational workshops and support schools to achieve Schools of Sanctuary recognition, as part of our partnership with the City of Sanctuary movement ( Click here for more..

Ex-Detainee Project

The Ex-detainee Project strives to bring about positive social change for ex-detainees and the communities that they are released into, nationwide. On a day to day basis, the Project alleviates destitution and provides emotional and practical support to people in crisis via our five days a week telephone helpline. We advise, enable and empower our ex-detainees along with working closely with our partner organisations to help influence the wider debate on. Click here for more..

Community Hub

 The community Hub is a weekly community group that takes place in Priory Ward to support families and young people. It is attended by a variety of local residents but its primary users are of Roma origin. It provides a meeting place for local residents and allows local service providers to build strong relationships within the community. We facilitate the provision and delivery of a varied package of community activities. Click here for more..

Community Champion Programme

The Community Champion programme offers locally based peer support run by ex-detainees. The programme focuses on holding fortnightly group meetings and raising awareness through establishing stronger links with the local community.
The Community Champion Programme began in February 2018 and will be developed throughout the year in four regions of the UK- Plymouth, Rochdale, Middlesbrough and Uxbridge. Click here for more..

Dover Welcomes All

Dover Welcomes All engages the people of Dover, local businesses and organisations to celebrate our diverse cultures and to encourage a welcoming environment for new migrants. Dover welcomes All is inspired by, and are acting on, the voices of local people who want to see Dover as a place of unity and social cohesion.  Beneficiaries are all residents of Dover, with many of refugee/or migrant origin, in particular Roma. Click here for more..