Schools of Sanctuary Kent

The Schools of Sanctuary Kent project aims at raising awareness among primary and secondary school pupils on the issues surrounding migration, asylum and refugees, and strives towards creating equality in our communities. The need for pupils to understand these issues becomes more pressing as schools accommodate migrants from many different backgrounds. Our vision is that the misconceptions surrounding migration be dispelled, and that schools and the wider community be transformed into a place of welcome and safety.

Through running workshops and working collaborative with schools we sensitively support learning about what has become a contentious issue; we provide a safe space where pupils can freely discuss their understanding and feelings on the topic. Migration awareness workshops also support many aspects of the national curriculum, most especially PSHE, Citizenship and Geography.

We utilise the traffic light theory to help students to fully understand the information and to share it with the community; so work towards being a school of sanctuary.

Stop and Learn 

The workshops will enable students to stop for a moment, listen and learn new facts and information about what it means to seek sanctuary.

Wait and Embed 

Students will take part in quizzes, debates and other activities to embed their understanding of the workshop.

Go and share

Students will be challenged to tell at least two others what they have learnt, and the school will set goals to work towards becoming a school of sanctuary. 

We are based in Dover and focus our workshops in schools in Kent. If Schools would like to get involved in our migration awareness workshops they can find out more information and book a session through our website or via e-mail