Dover Together: Multicultural festival aims to bring the diverse communities of Dover together to celebrate and explore diversity. Showcasing the rich variety of cultures which make up Dover, the festival gives people the chance to hear new music, try new foods, dance and art, and to learn about other cultures as well as to celebrate traditional British culture, and to see the positive impact that diversity can have on the town.

In May 2017, Samphire brought together over 700 residents of Dover, to celebrate and join together in its first multicultural festival after many years. The day included cultural performances from local school children, music from local migrant groups, workshops such as African drumming, and Maypole dancing – all from Dover and its environs. Visitors could sample, and buy refreshments from a range of international food stalls, and find out about what local charities and organisations are doing in the area by visiting their stalls.

The event received fantastic feedback from visitors and participants. The aim to revive community spirit in the town of Dover was achieved. The event was attended by members of the Roma community, Nepalese community, African community, not only  to see performances of their cultural heritage, but also interacting with neighbours from different cultural backgrounds.

We are happy to announce that we will again be holding the Dover Together Multicultural festival Saturday 30th June 2018. See our event calendar for details

As the festival gains momentum each year, we hope it will become embedded as one of Dover’s annual events.