A Big Thank You to All Our Funders!

A Big Thank You to all our Funders I’m now able to share with you the exciting news that the National Lottery Reaching Communities fund has agreed to extent Samphire’s grant funding for another 3 years.  The National Lottery are Samphire’s...

Press Release – Deal Winter Lights Parade

Press Release – Deal Winter Lights Parade

Deal Pier Winter Lights Lantern Procession On Friday 15 December, Deal Pier was lit up with a beautiful lantern parade organised by local human rights charity Samphire in partnership with Deal Town Council and local school children. The event began at the entrance to...

Choose Compassion This Refugee Week

In a world often dominated by divisions, uncertainties, and barriers, it is within the depths of compassion that the light of humanity shines brightest. Within the intricate tapestry of human existence, the UK asylum system stands as a critical test of our collective...

Migration Chaos: The Forgotten Women

As another international women’s day passes, our thoughts turn to the desperate women arriving on our shores in small boats. Obviously the subject of small boat crossings continues to dominate in the media and in government, but so often all we hear is ‘fighting age...

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