Privacy Statement

Sensitive Personal Information we hold:

Data Protection Law recognizes that some categories of personal information are more
sensitive. Sensitive Personal Information can include information about a person’s health,
race, ethnic origin, political opinions, sex life, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.
If you contact our Ex Detainee Helpline or via other more general communications, such as
blogs or emails, you may choose to provide details of a sensitive nature.
We will only use this information:

 For the purposes of dealing with your inquiry, training, and quality monitoring or
evaluating the services we provide.
 We will not pass on your details to anyone else without your express permission except
in exceptional circumstances. Examples of this might include anyone reporting serious
self-harm or posing a threat to others or children contacting us and sharing serious issues
such as physical abuse or exploitation.
 Where you have given us your express consent or otherwise clearly indicated to us that
you are happy for us to share your story, then we may publish it on our blog or in other

Information from other sources

We also use information from the following sources:

Social Media

Depending on your settings or the privacy policies for social media and messaging services
like Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter, you might give us permission to access information
from those services, for example when you publicly tag us in an event photo.
How we will use this information
The lawful basis we use for processing our data is consent. You need to agree to our
organization being able to process your data.
We may need to process your information if we have a legal obligation to, such as when we
need to keep you safe from harm or if you became unwell when you using our facilities and
community activities. Keeping you safe is a legal requirement which we have to follow.
When we have a legal obligation then your information may be shared by us to third parties,
only in order to protect your safety or the safety of someone else and/or to provide you
legal advice. These third parties may include any of the following:

 To paramedics, if you were to become ill or injured
 Hospital staff if you were taken to hospital
 Kent Police – to report a suspected crime, if someone goes missing, or there other
similar circumstances where we believe you or someone else may be harmed,
vulnerable, or in danger.
 Social Services – for a safeguarding concern, similar to the reasons why we may
contact the police.
 Legal advisors.

Where possible and practicable we would always try to discuss with you why we feel it is
necessary to contact and provide your information to these organizations.
We do not sell your details to any organizations whatsoever. We do not use profiling data
and we do not directly market our services to you.