Refugee Week 2020

In preparation for 2020’s Refugee Week we worked alongside our volunteers. We asked those who are experts by experience in Immigration Detention to tell us in a short video how they felt about their (still ongoing) journeys of seeking sanctuary in the UK, their thoughts and feelings regarding the hostile environment and the effects the lockdown was having on their lives and daily routines. The topic for 2020’s Refugee Week was “Imagine”.

They told us they #imagine a world where they can have papers, can work, support themselves and contribute to their communities. A world where they are treated fairly and humanely.

Thanks to another one of our volunteers, we published their videos during 2020’s Refugee Week. You can now watch them on the following links:

Refuge Week video 1

Refugee Week video 2

Refugee Week video 3

Refuge Week video 4

Refugee Week video 5

If you would like to help supporting people released from Immigration Detention Centres, please consider volunteeringfundraising or donating.

Thank you.

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